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The New Knight Rider


Well the new Knight Rider was on tonight and it was ok..

I didn’t like how KITT transformed all the time and how he becomes a Truck.. that’s just absurd.

Then they have some story line about Micheal’s forgotten past and how it will haunt him.. Who cares lets just see some explosions, crashes and car chases.

They do have some nice cars on the show, but it’s sad when the new 90210 has nicer one and more of them.

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Ebay changes and why I think they’re going down the tubes.


I received an email summarizing some of the changes that ebay has and will be making. IMO I think this shows the direction towards eliminating the small seller and doing away with auctions to become more of a “buy it now” for big retailers.

Over the last few months, eBay has announced a number of major changes to its site that all sellers need to be aware of. From a new fee structure to sweeping changes in listing policies, eBay’s latest rule revisions—and their varied timetable for rollout—are causing waves of angst among sellers. Keeping it all straight can be a bit overwhelming, so here are some helpful links to bring you up-to-date on what changes are already in effect, and what’s coming down the pipe:

General Overview of all the changes:

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